News updates

Vanilla harvest 2020

With the completion of the season's vanilla harvest, sun-drying, selection and preparation process, our freshest vanilla beans of the season are available for export.
Published 10th September 2020

Madagascar Spices is Fairtrade certified

Maintaining good relations with our suppliers, independent farmers, employees and temporary staff alike is part of our philosophy.
Published 24th July 2020

Three Coronavirus cases detected in Madagascar

Three passengers from France to Antananarivo on separate flights on 17th, 18th and 19th March were diagnosed with the Coronavirus. All international passenger flights have thereafter been suspended.
Updated 21st March 2020

Vanilla Embroidery

Vanilla embroidery is the art of creating decorative figures from vanilla beans which are especially suitable for displays in boutiques where various vanilla products are sold.
Published 1st March 2020

Vanillanomics - The Volatile Economics of Natural Vanilla in Madagascar

An in-depth editorial by Bloomberg Businessweek about the economics of vanilla and how global trade affects the rural farming communities in northeast Madagascar. Author and Journalist Monte Reel and Photographer Elisabeth Real accompanied Madagascar Spices into the countryside to document the seasonal green vanilla markets.
Published 17th December 2019

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

We wish our customers, friends, partners and everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020.
Published 24th December 2019

Download our print flyer

Our printable leaflets are suitable for distribution, promotion and point-of-sale displays in relation to our vanilla products. Available in English, French and German.
Published 15th December 2019

Madagascar Spices completes ECOCERT verification

Our vanilla products have successfully completed the strict biological analysis by ECOCERT, the leading organic certification organisation since 1991.
Published 12th November 2018