Natural, Organic & Sustainable Agriculture

Vanilla Embroidery

Vanilla embroidery is the handicraft of creating decorative figures from vanilla beans, skillfully tailored by one of our staff members in Sambava.

These vanilla bean creations can make decorative displays in, for example, a living room, hotel reception and especially in retail situations where vanilla products are sold, such as in a boutique or bakery as the smooth and gentle essence of natural Madagascar vanilla fills the air and capture the senses of shoppers without breaking the packaging of vanilla beans intended for sale.

And of course, the figures can be sold by themselves or as part of gift-wrapped bundles of various vanilla products.

The current models we have include:
  • Pirate ship - 35x16x30cm - 940g
  • Lemur - 28x13x11cm - 440g
  • Pirogue small - 17x7x5cm - 140g
  • Pirogue large - 24x8x4 - 80g
  • Sand crab - 20x22x4cm - 240g
Note: Measurements and weights are approximate and especially weights will become less over time as the moisture levels of the beans are gradually reduced. Depending on the conditions of the display area, such as in small boutique and out of direct sunlight, the fragrance from the figures can last for at least a year.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation and delivery options, including any special requests for custom-made figures.