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All vanilla products from Madagascar Spices are certified organic by ECOCERT and can therefore legally be sold and labelled 100% organic in Europe and the US, as recognised by the National Organic Program in the US and according to equivalent regulations across the European Union.

Official ECOCERT trademark

Official USDA Organic seal

Official EU organic label

Any or a combination of the above labels can be used on packaging and in marketing when reselling our vanilla products in relevant market places.

Note: Madagascar Spices Company is a registered Operator of the European Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES) as Organic Producer, Processor and Exporter of Madagascar vanilla. For orders into the European Union, a Certificate of Inspection (COI) will be issued in cooperation with ECOCERT which is necessary for our vanilla products to be advertised and sold as organic in accordance with the regulations of the European Union. To complete the process, it is also necessary for the importer to be registered as an organic operator in TRACES.

Certificates that can be digitally signed by the controlling body at the first importing EU country's Customs entry point do not require a hand-signed paper version. The certificate is thereafter valid across the European Union.

ECOCERT's EU compatible certification for Europe (French language version)

PDF version: MG-2020-193353-Z-174897-2020.pdf

English language version

PDF version (2 pages): MG-2020-193353-Z-223068-2021.pdf

ECOCERT (NOP = National Organic Program) certification for US

PDF version (2 pages): MG-2020-193353-Z-223071-2021.pdf

Additional information

The authenticity of the certifications can be verified independently via ECOCERT's website at

If you are selling our vanilla products online, you can link to this page at and to in your marketing.


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