Our Team

Dylan Randriamihaja

Welcome! My name is Dylan. I’m the founder and CEO of Madagascar Spices Company. The priority of our organisation is to keep our customers satisfied with the quality of our products at all times. It is the only way we can expect to receive repeat orders, including word-of-mouth recommendations and indeed the only way we can grow as an organisation. Furthermore, we aim to provide a workplace where everyone in our team can benefit and develop their individual skills because it is through a good team effort that we are able to produce the best quality vanilla beans and other spices.

Venja Randriamihaja

My name is Venja RANDRIAMIHAJA. I come from a family with a long history of vanilla farming. My parents cultivated vanilla and the profession was passed on from father to son. I was not even ten years old when my dad worked with me on farms and taught me how to pollinate vanilla and I made the same choice with my son Dylan. I passed on to him all that I knew. He was always around at our farm until he went to study in Sambava. This is where his curiosity and ambition drove him to what we need and where he is today. My relatives and I were content with growing and selling green vanilla during the season but Dylan wanted to achieve more. The preparation was learned: scalding, parboiling, sun drying, refining, measuring and finally conditioning. The whole process involves much work, but he has succeeded in his ambition and is now exporting his products. I do not work full time in the company. I learn little by little the preparation of vanilla with his team while providing an advisory role. I dream that the company keeps on growing and becomes well known in Madagascar.

Bavy Randriamihaja

Bavy Louise RANDRIAMAHAJA is my name. I am Dylan's mother. I was a vanilla farmer and I introduced him to this from a young age and then he created Madagascar Spices. Today with my husband, my job is to advise him and assist him with his work. I wish that his work becomes known and develops even more. My favourite hobby is cooking.

Charlette VOLASOA

My name is Charlette. I have been working with Dylan's team since 2008. I participate the vanilla preparation with the other employees as well as monitor the entire process. Before arriving here, I worked as a waitress in a hotel. I would like this company to grow and become better known around the world. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies and to go out with my friends.

Marcel SAMA

I am Marcel SAMA, I am the Certification Manager of Organic Vanilla at Madagascar Spices. I have been part of the team since 2017. Before then, I worked at the Horticultural Technical Centre of Tamatave (CTHT) where I had the responsibilities of organization, promotion and the representation of the horticultural sectors of the east coast of Madagascar and more specifically those of the province of Tamatave. Then I trained in organic farming in the Ecocert Tananarive. I also train people on environmental protection with Rainforest Alliance (an American NGO that aims to preserve biodiversity and sustainability). Our work within Madagascar Spices is based on trust and mutual respect. I am motivated to always give my best efforts so that our products are improved. I am single and father of four children. My favourite free-times activities are fishing and football.

Christin RABE

My name is Christin. I am one of Dylan's first employees. I am the safety manager of the company and I also do gardening during the day. I am a dedicated man who loves my job very much and I aim to be very helpful. I am the father of six children. In my free time, I like to stay at home and take care of gardening.


I am Pascal. I started working at Madagascar Spices in 2015 where I am now the Vanilla Manager. I really like this job, making vanilla preparation from when it is green until it is ready to be consumed. This work requires a lot of attention also from passion but above all know-how. Nothing is more satisfying than having a good quality production each year. I am a father, I have two children, a 21-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy.


My name is Frédérix. I have worked in Madagascar Spices 2018 but have experience in producing vanilla since before arriving, but mostly green vanilla. I was trained by the staff here to my current position of Vanilla Quality Checker. I would like to master all aspects of the preparation and conservation methods of vanilla. In my spare time, I watch football matches. One day I would like to become a vanilla dealer.


I am Angelot. I started in Madagascar Spices in 2015. It is my first job and what I've learned is to prepare vanilla. I completed my BACC in 2018 and am now taking computer classes to further improve my work skills. I practice sport from time to time and football is my favourite sport.


My name is Noel and I've been working for Madagascar Spices since 2016. I'm in charge of sorting vanilla. I was trained by Dylan himself. Before I was a rice farmer. I love my job because I can help my family and I would like the business to grow even more. Besides of work, I spend my time fishing or hunting.

Ely Jean

My name is Ely Jean, I have been working for Dylan since 2016. At first, I was trained by my former employees and thereafter by Dylan himself. Now my job is to tie up and sort bundles of vanilla. I'm also a company driver and take care of the transport of staff. I like being part of this team because they are all dynamic people with a collective sense of initiative. During my free time, I spend time with my father and son watching the football or the Malagasy boxing (Morengy) with my 2-year-old son.


My name is Nanja. Since 2017, I am the accounting manager of Madagascar Spices. I am a private accountant, that is to say, I perform the accounts of several companies. Since 1996 to 2011, I was based in Sambava working for different vanilla companies. Now, I also work in Antananarivo, Manakara and Sambava, fulfilling Madagascar Spices' accounting needs on a yearly basis. My headquarters are in Manakara.


My name is Charle. I've worked with Dylan since 2008. I started as a gardener and little by little I received training in vanilla preparation and I moved on to become the vanilla quality controller. Apart from my work, I am a singer-songwriter of evangelical songs. On weekends, I like to go to the bush to visit friends or just walk along the beach.


My name is Téotine. I have been employed by Madagascar Spices since 2016. I mainly take care of the quality control of vanilla. Sometimes I also measure and sort vanilla. I gained a lot of experience here but also in other vanilla companies before working for Dylan. I have worked with vanilla since 2004. I have two children and a little girl. I would like to become a vanilla trader one day. My hobby is sewing.


I am Marie Esther. I have worked in Madagascar Spices since 2016. At first I was trained by the staff who were here before me. I am highly specialised in vanilla sorting. Before entering the vanilla world I was a housekeeper. I am a single mother of two children. What I like about my work is the know-how acquired about vanilla. Besides vanilla, I also have other passions, such as being a good cook and pastry chef. And in my free time I take care of my house and family.


I am Eonie, I have been working for Dylan since November 2018. I gained my experience in vanilla preparation by working at another vanilla facility before arriving here. My job is to sort vanilla. I am a single mother of a little boy of four years and I dream of becoming a businesswoman because I'm good with numbers. My favourite hobby is to stroll along the beach, especially on weekends.


I am Alphonsine. I've been employed in Madagascar Spices since 2018. I have gained my experiences working in various vanilla enterprises since 2004. My responsible is vanilla grading. Like everyone else, I dream of going on holiday with my family. During my free time, I enjoy sports. I am a practising Christian.


I have worked at Madagascar Spices since 2018 although I have more than 10 years of experience in vanilla preparation. I am married and have two children. My work here provides for the needs of my family and I hope one day to realise my dream of a large family house.


My name is Totoline. I have worked at Madagascar Spices since 2018 and I have worked in vanilla preparation since I was 25 years old. Here, my job is to do the sorting. I am married and have two children. I would like to earn enough to open my own grocery store. My passion besides my work is prayer.

Be Francette

I am Francette. I have been working for Dylan since 2017. I have more than 10 years of experience in vanilla preparation. My job is classification, measuring and sorting vanilla, in other words, vanilla preparation. I'm married, my hobby is sewing, braiding and making basketry with vegetable fibres. I would like to one day go on vacation and visit the cities of Madagascar.

Marie Louise ANTONIKA

My name is Marie Louise. I have worked here since 2017, having been trained by my elders but also by Dylan himself. I am specialised in the task of vanilla sorting. I like working in this company because it's like working with the family. Before being hired here, I was a vanilla farmer. I am a mother of a daughter who is eight years old. I am a passionate Christian.


My name is Kadoline but I'm nicknamed Hanta. I was born in 1995 and I have been working in Madagascar Spices since July 2019. As new to the company, my job is to sort vanilla but I also help others to prepare vanilla. I am a farmer's daughter and I have always been in contact with vanilla since my childhood so it was very easy for me to join the team. I am a mother of two children. In my free time we spend our time watching football and my dream is to build a villa.


My name is Odon Jao, I am 23 years old. I am part of the vanilla conditioning team at Madagascar Spices since July 2019. What motivates me is the experience and the knowledge that I gain from the packaging of vanilla. I worked in a vanilla warehouse before working here and I have more than three years of experience in vanilla packaging. To improve our work and increase our production, we have clear responsibilities of employees within the company. I am a father of a girl and my favorite hobby is football. My goal is to be able to realise my next project to build my own home.

Jean Lido RABE

I am RABE Jean Lido, I am 40 years old. I worked as a vanilla conditioning agent in Madagascar Spices before but took a break for personal reasons. I have returned to work since December 2019 and I am like a trainee because I gain much experience in this work which fascinates me. I like the family atmosphere within this company even though I think it is important to maintain discipline. I am father of a girl and two boys. I like to read books when I'm free and also watch TV. When I am rich I will build NGOs to help the sick and the poor and a church too.