Natural, Organic & Sustainable Agriculture

Fikambanana Tantsaha Tsara Vokatra (FTTV) - The Good Farmers Cooperative

FTTV is an alliance of mainly vanilla farmers in the Andapa region. Formed in 2017 and officially certified in 2019, the organisation consists of over 800 farmers. The cooperative is a non-profit organisation that we established but which is managed independently from our commercial activities.

Madagascar Spices support its members through regular training and advice on planting procedures, how to best take care of vanilla vines as well as supply of free farming accessories when needed, such as flashlights, raincoats and boots. We also provide rice to some small-scale farmers who experience certain economic difficulties as a result of shortfalls in harvests following cyclones etc.

Additionally, through the provision of our Ecocert and Fairtrade certifications, we facilitate FTTV's members with the necessary credentials for their vanilla crops to command fair prices on the international market place.

The current President of FTTV is André Victor TSARATSIMO. A new President is nominated every two years.