Natural, Organic & Sustainable Agriculture

Our Philosophy

In Madagascar we live according to many traditions. Most of the Malagasy population live from farming and since the island was inhabited some 2,000 years ago, farming methods have been passed on from one generation to the next.

As a Malagasy proverb says: The chameleon has an eye to the past and another to the future. We need to understand that our natural resources are limited. Therefore we have to find ways to combine traditional farming methods with an eye to the future and not only care for the present.

Madagascar Spices lives by the principle of returning what has been taken. Therefore, we support a local tree nursery and reject the use of unnatural fertilisers and genetically modified plants and animals in farming. Furthermore, we continue to train and support local farmers with ethical and sustainable farming methods.

Understanding that our staff are our most valuable asset, we aim to provide a productive as well as a positive working environment for all our employees. At our headquarters and processing facility in Sambava, we employ a team of highly skilled and experienced vanilla processors who we pay above-average wages.

Madagascar Spices is an equal opportunities employer. In 2020 we obtained our Fairtrade certification.