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Vanilla harvest 2020

With each year's vanilla harvest, once selection, sun-drying and grading are completed, the season's crop has transformed from green pods to fragrant black beans used in flavouring homemade pastries, ice creams and other delicacies where natural ingredients will always give the best quality and taste.

Having escaped the onslaught of devastating cyclones that often affect our region and the entire world's natural vanilla supply, this season's yield has been exceptional and export has begun already a month earlier than in previous years.

Once our beans fully matured on their vines, they were hand-picked and brought to our facility in Sambava where sorting and curing was done according to traditional methods that have remained unchanged since vanilla was originally introduced to Madagascar in the middle of the 18th century.

At that time in history, artificial pesticides and fertilisers did not exist and all farming was organic by default, usually in multi-crop situations. Like in those days, our vanilla plantations intermingle with cacao, coffee, mango, lychee, pineapple and countless other species of plants and trees, often in highly remote areas inaccessible to machinery where industrial agriculture has never occurred in history.

Given the pure and natural environment, it has made bio-certification a simple step of verifying that our end-products contain no artificial substances, which differs from the years-long process of transforming inorganic farmland to organic farmland in industrialised countries.

We have whole gourmet quality beans with different weights and lengths ideal for cooking and pastries, cuts and splits suitable for flavouring food and drink products, vanilla powder for baking and chocolate making etc.

Our freshest and natural organic vanilla of the season is available since the middle of September 2020. Orders, large or small, are always welcome.

Contact us with your requirements and we will be pleased to deliver our vanilla to your location anywhere in the world!

Dylan Randriamihaja
Founder & CEO

Published 10 September 2020 (updated 15 September 2020).
A French version has been republished on Carnet's Madagascar Facebook page.

Update: Vanilla laboratory analysis March 2021