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Vanilla laboratory analysis 2021

Seasonal weather, farming methods and a long curing process of vanilla beans affects the humidity levels and vanillin properties that define the subtle yet complex flavour profile of natural vanilla. To continuously improve and perfect the quality of our end-products we regularly analyse our vanilla by independent laboratory tests.

These tests were performed in March 2021 by Prulab in Sambava and the results were as follows:

Classification Humidity Vanillin
Black gourmet vanilla (Grade A) 24.06% 2.22%
Black vanilla (type TK) 23.15% 1.68%
Red vanilla (type Europe) 22.84% 1.56%
Red vanilla (type US) 18.06% 1.89%
Vanilla bean cuts (Grade C) 11.67% 1.97%
Vanilla powder 11.45% 1.81%

Note: These test results should be considered approximate since vanilla will differ from bean to bean and batch to batch as with any natural crop.

We hope that the rich and fragrant flavours of our vanilla will be fully appreciated by many around the world!