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Three cases of the Coronavirus in Madagascar

Since 20th March 2020, all international passenger flights have been suspended for minimum 90 days. Due to our country‘s geographical isolation, Madagascar has so far had few cases of the Coronavirus.

Three passengers coming on separate flights from France to Antananarivo on 17th, 18th and 19th March were diagnosed with the Coronavirus. The three passengers are receiving treatment while all passengers on the same three flights have been quarantined.

Our government is adamant on keeping its population virus-free, enforcing strict international travel bans and health checks on crew of any incoming cargo flights and other essential staff, medical professionals etc.

During this time, we can still deliver vanilla internationally on cargo flights in cooperation with DHL and FedEx with consignments from Madagascar to Europe and elsewhere. Currently, there is one Air Madagascar cargo flight departing to France every Thursday and one Turkish Airlines cargo flight departing every Sunday. Some delays in deliveries may be expected.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will keep this page updated - stay healthy!

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