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Vanilla Honey Paste from Madagascar

Replace the sugary coffee syrup with a healthy alternative, sweeten up your breakfast yoghurt, cereal, morning and afternoon tea, pour over a crepe, pancake and other desserts. Real vanilla honey paste offers a sweet addition to countless desserts and beverages.

30g vanilla beans Cut into small pieces and thereafter ground coarsely using a kitchen blender.
240g glycerol The glycerol will help thicken and stabilise the paste. Use natural food-grade glycerol.
60g water Add beans to a mixture of glycerol and water and heat at 75°C for 60 minutes. Let the mixture stand for a day or two, allowing the glycerol to extract the vanilla flavours.
20g vanilla powder Add to solution and crush the mix further with a hand blender if necessary depending on the preferred size of vanilla bean fragments.
1 litre honey Mix together and let stand about 7 days to absorb the vanilla taste.

Adjust the number of vanilla beans to taste and preference. Use natural and real honey. In this case, a thick and dark rosewood honey was used.

This recipe was provided by Belgian food and agriculture scientist Valérie Delaunois using organic vanilla beans and powder and organic honey from the SAVA region of Madagascar. The glycerol is vegetable plant-based and also from Madagascar.