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Tsy Taitry, an Planifolia & Pompona hybrid

Tsy Taitry is a type of vanilla bean that is a cross-pollination of the Mexican Pompona and the Madagascan Planifolia Bourbon vanilla orchids.

Tsy Taitry vanilla pods are plumper and longer than Planifolia vanilla beans, and they come in a variety of forms, including Gourmet quality, Extract grade, Cuts & Splits, and vanilla powder. Vanilla powder can be used for baking and as a table spice for desserts, mixed with cacao, coffee, and cinnamon.

While the differences between Tsy Taitry, Planifolia and Pompona are minimal, especially when used as an ingredient, the appearance, fragrance and flavour are a clear mix of Planifolia and Pompona.

Genetically, Tsy Taitry is a hybrid species that is more closely related to Planifolia than to Pompona, which is why the fragrance and notes of the Madagascan vanilla are more prominent than the pure Mexican variety.

In Malagasy language, "Tsy taitry" or "tsy taitra" can have different meanings depending on the context. It can mean "not fearful", "to have confidence" or to be "calm and collected". In the official Merina dialect of the highlands, "tsy taitra" is written and pronounced with an "a" at the end, while in the countryside and throughout the vanilla-producing regions of Madagascar, the name is pronounced and written Tsy Taitry.

In vanilla agriculture, the term relates to the species' resilience to common plant fungus (Fusarium) due to its genetic diversity.