Natural, Organic & Sustainable Agriculture

Welcome to Madagascar Spices, Sambava

Madagascar Spices is a farmer, processor and exporter of spices from the SAVA region in northeast Madagascar. Headquartered in Sambava, in the centre of Madagascar's vanilla farmlands and processing areas, our company is specialised in the cultivation and preparation of high quality and organically grown vanilla for export.

Our company was founded in 2015 by its CEO, Dylan Randriamihaja, who is the third generation of Malagasy vanilla farmers from Andapa.

The family's three hectares plantation located 20km southwest of Andapa has about 6,000 plants which produce mainly Bourbon while our plantation 19km south of Sambava has approximately the same number of plants but a mix of Bourbon and Tahitian vanilla. In all, these plantations produce about 3,600kg of green beans which become about 720kg of black vanilla beans. Demand for more is supplied by FTTV, our cooperative of many individual small-scale farmers mainly in the Andapa region.

During the vanilla processing season from June until September, Madagascar Spices employs 10 staff in Andapa and 40 in Sambava. The processing, or so-called curing process of each vanilla pod, takes approximately three months. After harvesting, the beans are scalded for three minutes at 60-70°C to retain their aroma for longer. Next the beans are sun dried for about two months and thereafter stored on racks to stabilise before being sorted, graded and packaged for export.

We take great pride in our vanilla end-products that are achieved through a highly laborious process from hand-pollination to packaging. All our products are naturally organic without the use of artificial fertilisers.

In 2018 and 2019, independent biological analysis of our vanilla was performed by ECOCERT. In addition to being naturally organic, our vanilla products are therefore also certified organic. The certification span crops, handling and processing of our green and cured vanilla beans.

The Madagascar Baobab fruit

The Baobab fruit is an versatile superfood that offers numerous health benefits. As a powder, it can be easily incorporated into various dishes, drinks, while oil extracted from its seeds can be used in cooking. Consuming the dried fruit pulp is another way to obtain its many nutritional benefits.

Tsy Taitry, a Planifolia & Pompona hybrid

Tsy Taitry, a cross-pollination between the native Mexican Pompona and the Madagascan Planifolia, are longer and plumper than Planifolia vanilla beans and are available in Gourmet quality, Extract grade and as Cuts & Splits as well as in vanilla powder form.

Biological certification update 2022

While having offered organically certified products since 2018, in addition to the farming and production of certified vanilla varieties, such as vanilla beans, vanilla powder, prepared vanilla and green vanilla, our most recent organic certification now also includes fresh ginger as well as ginger essential oils produced at our facility.

Madagascar Vanilla Tour

Whether you're on a mission to buy vanilla or simply curious about of how natural vanilla is cultivated and produced, we are happy to take you on a guided tour to one of our plantations combined with a visit to our facility where the vanilla spice is produced and prepared for export.

Cacao harvest 2022

The first cacao crop from our region this year comes from along the Bemarivo river where it grows in a naturally organic multi-crop environment among clove, turmeric, pepper, mango, guyabano, banana, cola, guava, vanilla and more.

Cinnamon harvest 2021

Our cinnamon is harvested in the Atsinanana region on the east coast of Madagascar. The type of cinnamon is the True Ceylon variety, which is the highest quality by gourmet standards as well as if consumed as a health supplement.

Black and white pepper harvest 2021

Our black peppers are hand-picked shortly before the fruit is ripe and thereafter sun-dried for about two weeks. Our white pepper is from the same vine but picked when fully ripe.

Vanilla honey paste

Try our vanilla paste recipe, made with rosewood honey, vanilla beans and vanilla powder, to give your tea, coffee or desert that magical flavour from Madagascar.

Vanillin and humidity laboratory tests 2021

An independent laboratory analysis of Black gourmet vanilla, TK, Red vanilla (Europe), Red vanilla (US), vanilla cuts and vanilla powder all reveal excellent results.

Vanilla harvest 2020/2021

Upon completion of the season's harvest, sun-drying, selection and preparation process, our vanilla for the 2020/2021 export period is available to order.

Besides vanilla, Madagascar Spices also offers various natural products from our region, such as cacao, coffee and pepper.