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Gourmet bean humidity analysis 2023

An analysis of our gourmet quality vanilla beans from the 2023 harvest performed independently by the Pesticide Control Laboratory in Antananarivo.

Analysis report N°611/23

Received at the laboratory on 25/04/2023 Origin Madagascar Spices Company
Analysis valid 28/04/2023 Email
Published on 28/04/2023 Phone 032 04 059 05

Name and description: Sample of vanilla beans

Scientific name: Vanilla planifolia / Vernacular name: Vanilla powder
Lot: See description

Service request Analysis method
01 Determination of the humidity level Drying in the oven at 90°C for 10 hours.

Analysis result

Designation Humidity (%) (p/p)
01 Vanilla beans from the gourmet batch 40.26

Categories Humidity vanilla beans
Standard NF V 32-085 32-085
Category 1 & 2 Max 38%
Category 3 Max 30%
Category 4 Max 25%


The analysed sample has a humidity level of 40.26%
Gourmet bean vanillin analysis | Gourmet bean humidity analysis
Vanilla powder vanillin analysis | Vanilla powder humidity analysis