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Gourmet bean vanillin analysis 2023

An analysis of our gourmet quality vanilla beans from the 2023 harvest performed independently by the Pesticide Control Laboratory in Antananarivo.

Analysis report N°610/23

Received at the laboratory on 25/04/2023 Origin Madagascar Spices Company
Analysis valid 28/04/2023 Email
Published on 28/04/2023 Phone 032 04 059 05

Name and description: Sample of vanilla beans

Scientific name: Vanilla planifolia / Vernacular name: Vanilla
Lot: Gourmet

Service request Analysis method
01 Vanillin extraction by Soxhlet Ethanol extraction
02 Determination of the level of vanillin Gas chromotagraphy / Internal standardisation in relation to Euganol

Operating conditions (1):

  • Collone megaborate, BP5 (25 m x 0.53 mm x 1 μm)
  • Oven: 70°C-4.5 mn at 230 °C (3°C/mn)
  • Detector temperature (FID): 260°C - Injector temperature: 240 °C
  • Carrier gas: Nitrogen U - Flow rate: 3ml/mn
  • Volume injected: 1 μl
  • Analysis result

    Parameters Sample analysis (%) (p/p) Indicative value (*) (%) (p/p)
    01 Vanillin 1.62 0.2 to 2

    (*) Values generally analysed in the laboratory for vanilla beans


    The analysed sample has a vanillin content of (1.62%), comparable to the values usually encountered for vanilla pods.
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