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PRESS RELEASE 30-10-2021

Antalaha: The President of the Republic Andry Rajoelina meets the operators of the vanilla sector

For his second day of visit to the SAVA Region, the President of the Republic Andry Rajoelina wished to demonstrate his willingness to provide solutions to the problems linked to the price of vanilla. This October 30, 2021, the Head of State met the players in the vanilla sector at the level of the SAVA Region, during a meeting held in Antalaha. We saw the participation of representatives of vanilla farmers, collectors and exporters. "The role of the state is to protect the interests of all those who work in this sector because it is a matter of national wealth," President Andry RAJOELINA declared at the outset.

Among the topics discussed today were the issue of setting the reference price for green vanilla, maintaining order and security in the Region, as well as legislation relating to this sector. Several resolutions for the protection of the vanilla sector were thus defined at the end of this meeting. Also, the minimum price of green vanilla has been set at 75,000 Ar. This is a measure taken by the State in the face of the excessive drop in the purchase price of green vanilla, which peasants are the first victims. “Each link in the vanilla sector must not be harmed. Everyone must be able to enjoy the advantages that flow from it, ”insisted President Andry RAJOELINA. Any sale should therefore be declared, specifying the name of the buyer and the sale price. Vanillas must also be stamped to ensure their traceability. The state is also planning to digitize the sector. All vanilla farmers should be grouped together in cooperatives and will each benefit from a card to facilitate traceability and guarantee the transparency of transactions. The Head of State was firm in his words: exports will be supervised and marked out. Any exporter who does not meet the conditions and does not respect the set rules will not have an approval, issued by the supervisory Ministry. In addition, before each campaign, the actors concerned must systematically consult each other on the conditions that will govern the sector.

Vanilla growers also complain about the theft of vanilla plants. Faced with this, the President of the Republic Andry Rajoelina announced that a special brigade to fight against vanilla theft will be set up at the level of each district of the vanilla-producing regions, in particular in SAVA and Analanjirofo. These brigades will be equipped with 4x4s and motorcycles to ensure the safety of the vanilla fields. The thefts of vanilla, as well as the receivers, will be severely punished and will be the subject of legal proceedings. It would even be a question of exile. To do this, the state will notably make a bill at the level of Parliament to categorize the theft of vanilla as a crime. "We must stand together and work together to promote the vanilla sector," concluded the Head of State.

President Andry RAJOELINA also met the population of Antalaha, who attended a rally held at the city stadium. Like Sambava, several projects are also underway in Antalaha. These include the Maison de la vanille, a manara-penitra university, a manara-penitra indoor gymnasium, a solar park which, in the long term, will halve the cost of electricity in this area. district. The President of the Republic also announced that studies are underway for the rehabilitation of the section of road linking Antalaha and Maroantsetra. The Head of State took the opportunity to present their certificate of aptitude to drive CATERPILLAR machines to the drivers, who, after having undergone training, are now operational in handling these new materials.

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